Entrepreneurship is not only about starting a new business

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Entrepreneurship is not only about starting a new business

The idea that our brain functions like a computer with folders containing information that we can access whenever there is a need are simply not the case. Instead, our minds are built of whirling, swirling, jumbled mass of neurons colliding with each other and producing new ideas ever so often.

Entrepreneurs are often regarded as individuals with risk-taking abilities to work innovatively and come up with unique ideas. But what is often overlooked is the fact that being an entrepreneur does not only mean to have a new business that is different from the others.

Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mindset

A cognitive belief system that allows us to make decisions, process information or let us behave in a certain way with the help of assumptions, knowledge and set of interrelated beliefs is known as a mindset.

If entrepreneurship is all about creating, developing and growing a business than what is that mindset that helps you achieve it?

It is not much different than what is written above but what is different are the beliefs, the assumptions, the decisions and the way we process all that information! Your mindset has a great role to play in determining how you cope with the challenges thrown at you. An entrepreneurial mindset helps you think different, lets you embrace your mistakes, failures and challenges as an opportunity to grow and succeed.

When running a business, the right mindset is as important as meeting your sales targets or coming up with sustainable business models. It’s normal to feel lost, at the end of the day we are all humans, but what makes you an entrepreneur is the ability to nip those thoughts in the bud.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Each entrepreneur goes through a path to success that’s not the same and has unique abilities. But at the same time, all successful entrepreneurs have a common skill set that enables them to overcome challenges, solve problems and keep thriving. People who can see beyond what an entrepreneur is usually known for tend to have characteristics that are needed to build an entrepreneurial mindset, some of them are listed below.

  1. Ownership

Self-empowerment is very important to take responsibility for your actions. When you believe in yourself and are able to succeed by influencing your own outcomes, you are sure of what you’re doing and stick to see the results.

2. Internal Motivation

Set goals that compel you to stay future-focused and give you the motivation from within. Allowing yourself to be action-oriented, self-directed and highly engaged. When you are not sure of what you want, there is no way that you can give others what they expect of you.

3. Optimistic

Even in times of adversity, people with this mindset tend to see things with an optimistic view and find opportunities even in challenges. They are solution-oriented, resourceful and highly resilient even when they face uncertainty and have resource constraints.

4. Knowledge seekers

Conduct micro-experiments in exploring new learning opportunities to be lifelong knowledge seekers for cultivating creativity, curiosity and critical thinking. Entrepreneurs are always up for experiments, whether they are for products, problem-solving techniques or change of business plans.

5. Self-reliant

Focus on being self-believing, understanding that sometimes even just following your heart can lead you to unforeseen opportunities. Mistakes are inevitable especially when you want to start a new venture. When you focus on what you’ve got and not what you don’t, your ability to bounce back when failure hits you keeps getting stronger.

6. People-focused

Be other-focused, have a humanistic approach and understand that we can create value by finding out ways to help others and solve their problems. It is when you recognize your responsibility towards bigger objectives by using your ideas to eliminate societal evils.

Importance of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Having an entrepreneurial mindset does not only let you thrive professionally but is as important in your personal life. When you work on building entrepreneurial skills such as resilience, confidence and enthusiasm, it catapults you to achieving success which in turn can induce happiness at both work and home. Additionally, if you’re equipped with relevant entrepreneurial skills then it helps you with goal-setting and achieving milestones for self-improvement.

  1. Staying Confident

Working with this mindset can improve the level of your confidence, which means that you’re not afraid to take risks and find opportunities within these challenges. This confidence will help you tackle workplace problems and improve your interpersonal skills thus building leadership and general interaction with your co-workers. The entrepreneurial attitude that allows you to take risks and not give up becomes a strong lead in reaching success in whatever you do in life.

2. Learning and Growing

Being able to positively use constructive criticism and not taking other’s feedback personally is extremely important to develop over time. It’s better to understand the value of criticism and work on improving yourself as compared to not being open to any type of feedback at all and living under the shadow of your own prestige. Fear of negative feedback can make you take decisions that are safe to play thus, killing the creativity and innovativeness altogether.

3. Building Resilience

Capability to convert negative situations into positive ones can only come by being strong-willed and resilient. These challenging situations can appear in your professional as well as personal life and can become a cause to diminish the motivation to work and reduce your chances at success, but only when such situations are handled with lack of resilience. Following your inner guide by putting your past experiences in action and not giving too much attention to all sorts of suggestions is highly important. What is important is that you learn and grow with bad experiences that will truly impact the success of your decisions and bring happiness in your life.

4. Staying Alive

Similarly, being enthusiastic is also an important trait for having an entrepreneurial mindset. Enthusiasm allows you to bring life to the workplace by creating more opportunities to work together and improve social interaction among each other, thus building a happy work environment. If you are passionate and enthusiastic about working at the task at hand, chances are that you will be more successful at it. Staying enthusiastic means that your personal life is also going to be content and satisfied. It is important to start working on entrepreneurial skills from a young age. Adopting this mindset in the early years of your life will make it much easier for you later on in both professional and personal decisions.

How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

It is important to note that many times we tend to take successful entrepreneurs as exceptional individuals, somebody from a rare breed who was born with hereditary traits unique to their own self. Entrepreneurial mindset often seems to be a dispositional trait because it is mostly acquired without us being consciously aware of it.

However, we can develop and enhance an entrepreneurial mindset through experiences relevant to entrepreneurship and in order to cultivate this mindset we must create chances of learning entrepreneurial experiences in our organizations, classrooms and communities.

Thanks for reading.

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