Entrepreneurship is not only about starting a new business

The idea that our brain functions like a computer with folders containing information that we can access whenever there is a need are simply not the case. Instead, our minds are built of whirling, swirling, jumbled mass of neurons colliding with each other and producing new ideas ever so often.

Entrepreneurs are often regarded as individuals with risk-taking abilities to work innovatively and come up with unique ideas. But what is often overlooked is the fact that being an entrepreneur does not only mean to have a new business that is different from the others.

Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mindset

A cognitive belief system that…

You might be aware how the Hummingbird can see non-spectral colours such as UV+ red, yellow, green etc. which are not possible for the human eye to detect. So, when you envision converting your dreams into reality, others around you walk-in with a short sight and are not able to understand your life’s goals.

Have you ever wondered what’s the true purpose of your life? Many people keep finding different jobs, give up on personal life to climb up the corporate ladder but end up losing their own self because of all this and many other reasons.

You would also agree that it’s difficult to find a job that truly fulfils what you love doing. …

You will reach where you’re destined to be. Hang in there!

Most founders start their journey with the fire, the passion, believing that their business ideas will work. A strong belief is definitely important for entrepreneurs to have. However, this belief can be “counter-productive” when they assume that they are doing the right thing, but in fact, they are far away from that.

Aspiring entrepreneurs only take action because they believe they have a real opportunity, but their belief can lead them to fail. These strong beliefs and taking action upon them reinforces their initial belief — which is usually only an assumption, a guess. …

When people start thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, it usually is for reasons such as flexible schedules, becoming your boss and being in control. But let’s be real, who wouldn’t want that? Which means that somewhere in the back of our mind, we all have a thing about having our own business that we can truly call ours and that also brings in good money.

If you ask anyone who is in business, entrepreneurship does not come without its own set of challenges. What we usually perceive is a lot different than what the reality is. But if you have…

Interview with Islam Abdullah, the CEO & Co-Founder of Ylemer

We are pleased to interview CEO and director of Ylemer, Islam Abdullah to talk about what changes he likes to create.

What major problems have you noticed around you?
I really care about nature. It’s sad to see human beings have been doing too many activities which are actively destroying the planet where we live.

As a scuba diver, I love the ocean, the amazing landscape with all the different types of marine life species, corals, an entire ecosystem which is teeming with unusual diversified colourful life. It is really sad to see all of the pollution…

How decisions can influence your life everyday?

What is that one thing that each individual does and that happens every day and sometimes every minute of our lives? Decisions they are, where there are some decisions that are pivotal for the wellbeing of our existence and some small incremental ones that we make every day all day long. Such as, thinking a night before that I will go to the gym tomorrow and then deciding whether I am going to the gym or not the next day. So, we even make multiple takes at decision making for majority of the things that we can’t fully decide on.

Capital raising is not just about asking money but how to really structure a deal, how to make an investor memorandum and how to attract the right investors. Most importantly how to know if it is the right time for you to raise the capital now?

Sarah Reyes, a venture capitalist from Stratogem joined Ylemer as their keynote speaker in the ‘Inspire, We Inspire’ Global Entrepreneurs Online Roundtable on the 29th of August 2020 to share her knowledge on raising capital and how to have a successful deal.

Here are the details of the event:

Why do you want to invest now?

Sarah shared about how you…

Becoming an entrepreneur is one heck of a journey, and if you think you can manage it all on your own, then you’re in for a big mistake. So if you’re starting fresh with a startup, support and guidance from talented and experienced entrepreneurs will play a crucial role in helping you out. This support can come from contractors, strategic partners, interns, previous employers and even your family and friends.

But this is not where it ends; you’ll also need somebody who can challenge your ideas and help you see the other side of the picture, such as with the…

Among usage, value, risk, tradition, image, which one do you think is the most common customer barrier?

Wouldn’t it be really helpful if companies can figure out the reasons behind customers turning away from their products? Definitely, YES! Remember Harry Potter’s invisible cloak? The one that allowed him to peep through Hogwarts without being seen and also know what everyone was talking about him in the dorms.

Understanding “why customers say no” is a peculiar question that makes it extremely difficult for business owners to find out what exactly they can do to convert their behaviour towards their products/services. …

Can we reasonably argue whether businesses alone can fix the problems of this world today?

Well, some investors working under the banner of “impact investments” can say that businesses are the only solution possible for fixing the ailing worldwide economy. The purpose of impact investments is such that it does not sacrifice commercial returns while maintaining sustainable development for problems such as female literacy, climate change, hunger, education etc.

There are plenty of successful examples where impact investing has proven to be beneficial at bringing both commercial returns and also creating a positive impact. …


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